New Venture

SHOTBEADS plunger lubricants are patented formulation.
it is dry plunger lubricator

  • It reduces oily scrap and gives higher yield on casting. Saving can reach 0.2% of your total metal costs.
  • Eliminate oily plunger lube.
  • Increased shot velocity. Friction reducing additives give up to a 10% increase in slow shot velocity and up to 20% on fast shot. Prove it with your shot monitor.
  • Less Porosity: SHOTBEADS will reduce troublesome porosity simply because these is less gassing resulting in tighter metal grain stronger casting and reduced hard spots.
  • Die cavity area stays cleaner. Less downtime to clean carbon buildup caused by oily based plunger lubes.
  • Extended tip life means less downtime. Up to 50% improvement over most straight oils and 5 times the tip life compared with water based plunger lubes.
  • Cleaner Machines. There is no waste. The Casting totally consumes all material.
  • Reduce release agent spray time.


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