Grades of Teeming Compounds For Iron and Steel Foundries          
For Iron and Steel Foundries
IRON BOAT   Oil Dipped Tabletted Products specially for pencil Ingot of 3x4 & 31/2 x 41/2 Size ingot   One tablet in each mould
SKALEEN -9   Scavenging agent for steel to reduce physical and chemical inclusions.

Addition : 200-250 gms/ton.

 APC: (Y-700)
 APC: (S-1050)
  } Swelling type exothermic power
} with high insulating effect
  Addition to cover liquid metal surface completely.
  Super heat insulting powder for ladle & tundish.   Addition to cover liquid Metal surface completely.
METALEXO   Metal recovery type exothermic powder for use in Riser of casting.   As per Riser size & Liquid metal quantity needed.
A.H. COAT-700  
Zircon Base mould paint dilutable in water / Alcohol. (Powder / Paste / Ready mix.).
A.H. COAT-300  
Graphite base sand mould paint dilutable in water / Alcohol, (powder / Paste / Ready mix.).

A.H. COAT-100   Magnesite base (ready mix in Alcohol).  
COLLAP   Addition to send for CO2 and self hardening process in order to make the sand mould and core to brake easily after casting.   Addition : 0.5 to 2.0 wt.%age of moulding sand.

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